Concern’s Labourer Children Education Program

Concern’s Labourer children education project had been started in 2012 and the main purpose of the project to change our nation’s future by Education to give the Labourer children a new life where they would learn and support their families too this evening school had 59 children in one centre in 2012 and children were bless with the early education and skill training too. In 2013 there was 180 children were educated in the one centre the achievement of this project is so great full we call it the learning circle because with one child we educate and he/she helpful for many others in their family and in the community too. In 2014 it increase the number of Labourer children to 180. They are our future so we are making the lives happier by education and change the nations.

In this Evening school for labourer children they learn

  • Special Course Book Learning English and Urdu in both languages
  • Counting, Add, Subtract and divide
  • Art and drawing
  • Friendship bands making For learn to earn
  • General knowledge
  • Other Activities ( Physical games for polish minds )

Please Sponsor a child by giving only 8 US$ for a month education

We need your support and help for continue this great work for make a change in many lives.