About us


Concern Organization is a Nongovernmental, Nonprofit and Nonpolitical organization based in Faisalabad in the province of Punjab – Pakistan.

Concern Organization was registered and established in January 2013.

Legal Status:

We are registered legally Under ACT 1860.

Concern’s Vision Is:

  • We Love We Care (For All the community Development and Sustainable Program)
  • For live life better

Where We Work:

  • Faisalabad
  • Gujranwala
  • Youngsonabad

With Whom We Work:

Women, Children, Minorities, Youth

Mission And Aims:

Concern Organization was founded on 2011 and is dedicated to community development work without any discrimination of sex, caste, colour, race and religion.

  1. To create awareness about Health, Sanitation and Hygiene among the community
  2. To work as Emergency response to natural disasters and rehabilitation for affected areas
  3. To introduce and create awareness about Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Livelihood and Micro Credit Schemes
  4. To provide and share legal aid and information for the poor and needy
  5. To introduce alternative development approaches
  6. To provide and run institutions for medical treatment, rehabilitation, vocational training and job placement facilities to the drug addicts
  7. To promote awareness and educate about HIV AIDS among all genders
  8. To grant awards and scholarships to poor and intelligent students and other professionals in Pakistan and abroad
  9. To educate the communities about domestic violence and providing support / shelter to the victims
  10. To help the working, homeless, orphan children and children in crises to nurture and support them in the community by education and moral support
  11. Women Development Program